Aerial Photo/Video & Inspection Service

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Warranty Claim form

The parts we make are designed to work on very light drones. They have been precisely designed, and tested, to be strong enough to take the weight and force of the drone--but also light enough to have a minimal effect on the drone's performance.

We do our best to ensure that all of our parts achieve that high-quality balance between weight and strength, delivering the best performance for your drone. While these parts are built tough, you can damage them with your hands by applying too much force. Please use care when handling these meticulously engineered parts. 

We recognize that sometimes parts are damaged in shipping or in some other way. We apreciate your business, so we will replace any defective part, one time, within 90 days of the date you received it.

Please note that using the form below is the only way to obtain warranty parts. Because of high volumes, we cannot provide waranties via random emails or forwarded messages. 

To file a warranty claim on a part, you must:

We use 4k cameras for video and 12 megapixels and higher for photos
We are in Sanford FL. Licensed and insured.
Certified FAA airplane, seaplane, and UAV (Drone) pilot.
We know the regulations and how to work with air traffic control for safe and legal operation.

We can also do ground photo/video and steady-cam work.