Aerial Photo/Video & Inspection Service

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Custom Drone Parts and Accessories

We were overwhelmed with the amount of orders and are working feverishly to get caught up. We are currently upgrading our printers and bringing more online.
If you order one of our float kits it may be 4-6 weeks before it ships.

If this is unacceptable to you please don’t place an order.
You can always check status of you order by logging into your account.

When you order ships, we will email you a tracking number.

If you have one of our kits and need a part replaced under warranty or otherwise please reach us through our contact form
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We design and manufacture our own custom drone parts. You can buy them for your own drones here in our store.
We are always working on something new to keep up to date please join our email list

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We use 4k cameras for video and 12 megapixels and higher for photos
We are in Sanford FL. Licensed and insured.
Certified FAA airplane, seaplane, and UAV (Drone) pilot.
We know the regulations and how to work with air traffic control for safe and legal operation.

We can also do ground photo/video and steady-cam work.