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DJI Mavic Pro Float Kit
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I have been looking for a good way to launch my Mavic Pro from my sit on top Kayak, when at a Central Florida Mavic Facebook group meet up I saw a Mavic on floats. It worked okay, however I didn’t like the way the floats were mounted, and that it didn't sit or take off level from the water. So, I set out designing my own mounts which I printed on my 3d printer.
Besides water this kit is great for soft terrain like sand, snow, grass,....
The kit works great! Here’s a video of the first field test.
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We use 4k cameras for video and 12 megapixels and higher for photos
We are in Sanford FL. Licensed and insured.
Certified FAA airplane, seaplane, and UAV (Drone) pilot.
We know the regulations and how to work with air traffic control for safe and legal operation.

We can also do ground photo/video and steady-cam work.